Images by Francesco Sapienza

Peace of Mind - High Quality - Minimal Effort


I help you tell your story through amazing photography to represent the amazing food, atmosphere, and staff of your restaurant in NYC.


What makes me different?


  1. I can create very professionally images of food, atmosphere and people. Experiencing your restaurant is more than just experiencing amazing food.

  2. I know very well how to manipulate light and recreate any light in almost any space.

  3. I’m both an artist and a business person. I care about my art and vision, but I care about serving my clients more. I’m here to tell your story, not mine.

  4. As a former engineer, thorough planning, problem solving and very clear communication are part of my DNA. I help you save time and money by tailoring the most efficient solution to your problem and minimize your effort.

  5. Minimal impact on daily operations.


  1. Other food photographers can only photograph food, thus not serving your needs entirely.

  2. Other photographers say certain images can only be taken in a studio, thus making your life more complicated and waste your time.

  3. Other photographers will put their ego in front of their clients’ interests and run their own show instead of their clients’.

  4. Other photographers will take up a lot of your precious time through endless and unclear communication. They create problems instead of solving them.

  5. Other photographers are not comfortable working during your hours of operation and their work can have an impact on your business.


Francesco takes every client’s needs seriously - whether a head shot for a food blogger or endless photos for a three hundred page cookbook - and brings his big joy and charisma to each shoot. Francesco is boundless in enthusiasm and creativity and operates his business at the highest level of professionalism.
— Alicia Walter, All Things Culinary

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Pricing starts at $500. For an accurate quote, please fill out the info at the link below.

Re-defining Restaurant Photography

The experience of dining at your restaurant is so much more than just amazing food. That’s why restaurant photography that serves a purpose is so much more than just food photography.

I believe in creating amazing images that represent the amazing food and atmosphere of a great restaurant.

I provide peace-of-mind for high-end NYC restaurant owners that need amazing photographs to represent the amazing experience they offer their clients.

I believe restaurant owners should be able to concentrate on building their dream without the frustrations, unreliability, and cost associated with capturing amazing photographs of their amazing food.